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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


| Tuesday, February 25, 2014

 In Indonesian Dictionary , is defined as the population of people of a country or region , while the leader is the person who leads . The difference between them lies in the lead and the lead . This means that where there are people , there must be a leader , who will manage the wheels of government for the welfare of all the people he leads .

The function of leadership as the holder of the mandate given by the people , and this is a burden that must be shouldered by a leader . Therefore , the burden should be shared between the leader with the cabinet that has been chosen and worked with penuhkeikhlasan and responsibility , with the support of the people's prayers .

For a moment let's see what happens with the leaders in this country . As a country that has a diverse ethnic and language , would be the variety of all the characters who run the government leaders territory .

Just look at the difference in character between Jokowi and Ahok , who is now believed to be the Governor and the Deputy Governor by the people of Jakarta , with a stack of problems that occur , ranging from jam that has not ended up flooding that continues to haunt .

The characters of the two men who came from the island of Java and one of the island of Sumatra has brought thousands of pairs of eyes that saw action both through their uplode vidio on youtube .Ahok in improving the firmness of a chaotic birokarsi in Jakarta , combined with the action of the frequent visits Jokowi straight to the man in the corner of Jakarta , without waiting for the first report of the subordinates . This has made Jokowi as governor humble figure and close to the little people .The story of two men , a lot of people take sympathy , but also widely criticized by many bureaucrats , which has nothing to do with money and money . People are already tired of the promises , it's time they had a leader region that want to hear the aspirations of its people . Not only gasar demolished without any prior consultation .

The presence of a populist leader would highly expected by all societies . Because a leader is trustworthy and willing to understand the condition of the people , will work with heart and full responsibility , regardless of pressure from people who want to take personal advantage .At the end of the year , 2012, a variety of print and electronic media endlessly preach case Garut Regent . The case stems from the Regent siri marriage with an underage girl , has been mired in controversy that berkepanjang . Garut community anger, many of which require the Regents retreat , but the leader is still at its founding . Do not want to resign from the office in which the people in amanahkan .

The case of the Garut Regent , not only into the public discussion of Garut alone . A group of mothers in Palembang also held a demonstration demanding the regent sentenced , although different areas of leadership , but for the sake of the dignity of womanhood, mothers are willing to stand panasan demonstration . President also gave feedback on the case of the Regents . Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi has also stated that the case ACENG Regents had violated Law No. 1 of 1974 on Marriage .

Problems experienced by the Garut Regent , a bad image of a leader who has forgotten his oath of office when he was appointed to put the interests of the people rather than personal interests .A leader is supposed to provide progress for which he led the development of the area , but the opposite happened . Garut famous image by lunkhead and sheep , instead has become a new tourist destination and not because of his lunkhead but because ACENG the case of Garut Regent .

leader AmanahNowadays , it is very difficult to find a leader who would actually pay attention and hear the complaints people, irrespective of who he is and what he does . Most of the leaders in this country , just want to hear what was said by those who have a position or those who have a lot of money .Some time ago , many media reported the story of the expulsion of a father was fifty-one -year-old security guard Kasdi by the Supreme Court ( MA ) . This happens because the father was not wearing shoes and clothes neat . Kasdi that only works as a fisherman in the swamps , can not afford to buy a pair of shoes , but the goal Kasdi to the Supreme Court is about to ask her appeal process related to drug cases .

As with the officials or businessmen , who use the shiny shoes with dressing dapper suit and glasses , as additional parts to build charisma . Of course they will be served by a very friendly , even able to be delivered straight to the chairman . Like it or not , like it or not , this is what happens in this country , and events as experienced by Mr. Kasdi considered commonplace .In 2014, this nation will choose a leader who will menahkodakan the Republic of Indonesia boat the next five years . Although still two years away , but the candidates have sprung up future leaders one by one .

Political parties are busy introducing the candidate and leader of the task force to exert more often falls spaciousness , and perform a variety of activities in an attempt to win sympathy of the people , especially young people who are easy to lure lure in with groceries and medication free .What is even more surprising is, the emergence of future leaders from the artist , namely the presence of the king of dangdut Rhoma Irama as a presidential candidate who championed by the two major parties contesting the election . King of dangdut fame that has entertained people for decades and has a number of fans in the thousands if not millions , a figure who deserve ogled as a presidential candidate in 2014 .

Factors artist 's involvement in an effort to appeal to voters is the ultimate weapon for political parties . Efforts will be made to attract the sympathy of the people , and their leaders can be elected stretcher .But ultimately , it all back into the hands of the people . Hum that had been sung to the leader , I hope to bring change for the people . Election Experience Jakarta some time ago , has been a valuable lesson for all political parties contesting the 2014 elections . Overwhelming support the future leaders of the political parties , not jaminanan as the winner , but the figure ketokohanlah which became the key to victory .

Hopefully in the future , will be elected the leader who understands the needs of its people , understand the difficulties experienced by the people and put the people's interests above anything else . Amen .


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