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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kumpulan artikel bahasa inggris terbaru dan terupdate

| Thursday, July 19, 2012

“Kumpulan artikel bahasa inggris terbaru dan terupdate”
Jadi bagi anda yang ingin mencari artikel bahasa inggris silahkan di baca disini……..

How to Afford Student Cottages

Now that you have finally graduated from high school and getting to embark on the journey of a lifetime at college, you need to find affordable student cottages for you stay in while you are away from home. While you stayed at home with you, did not have a care or clue in the world about paying rent and utilities to keep a roof over your head; your parents took care of everything. Now that you are finally going to be on your own, it is time for you to learn how to live responsibly while you are going to college. One of the first tasks you will learn as a grown up is how to afford student cottages.
If you were awarded some scholarships, grants and loans to help offset the price of your education, you are off to a good start. If you have opted not to stay on campus because you feel you can find somewhere more affordable or you forgot to turn in your housing information on time, relax. You can find affordable student cottages by looking in the local newspaper, checking the memorandum boards in the different halls of your campus for vacancies and people who are seeking roommates is the first place you should look.
Keep in mind that your scholarships and grant money will only go so far. You may need to find additional sources for income so you can afford to live off campus. You may want to consider pulling out a few loans or if you are not too keen about going into debt, you can always find a work-study or part time job on campus or in the city. There are always places that are looking to hire college students, so finding a job should pose no problem.
You need to be realistic about the amount of income you need to generate each month in order for you to even consider the best student cottages. Most housing companies will only consider your application if you make at least three times the amount of rent that is being requested for a particular unit. Some places may be willing to work with you. As long as you don't have any evictions or too many negative marks on your credit report, you can find a place to call home. Of course, since your previous tenancy was at home with your parents, this should pose no challenge to you.
Be on the lookout for roommates. If you find that you don't have enough time to find appropriate student cottages or you are not quite ready or comfortable with the thought of living alone, you should look at the classifieds for people who are in search of roommates. You can find some really great student housing facilities that were once behind your means to afford, is now affordable since you will be splitting the rent and bills between a few other people. Once you have found the perfect place to call home, you can settle in and get ready to start focusing on your studies.


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