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Monday, July 1, 2013

About Me

| Monday, July 1, 2013


Praise be to Allah subahanau wa taala the almighty creator, thanks to god’s mercy and eventually be born his guidance  blog is simple yet full of delicious, wirajunior.blogspot.com

Dear readers, I apologize as the previous admin of magnitude if there are errors or mistakes in my post is simple.

wirajunior.blogspot.com simple blog aims to make friends among the readers and writers, to share information in order to add insight.

I provide information as possible with all your mind and the power of my abilities are very limited. Please give advice and guidance and criticism through the comments or to Contact me to correct any shortcomings and my mistakes.

I took some articles from other blogs in order to provide insight to readers, and if there are multiple owners of the articles I take objection to that article, we are invited to contact me or leave a message in the comments related to the article I immediately justification.

wirajunior.blogspot.com will still exist by the participation and help you all, for that I say a big thank you for everything that has any kind of participation you gave me, including your willingness to visit this simple blog.

I regard you as a brother who is now being met. I said good-bye and good luck accompany you.

Email : blogwira45@gmail.com


I am a student of university of mataram,right now I 23 years old, I taken English education for program study, my hobby is writing and reading, i enter in my university on January 2008, i very happy join in this university, because it is one of popular university in mataram city. I live in BTN BHP Telagawaru, I have 3 brother in my family.   I have one Achievement when I in senior high school, that is, I will be the winner writing English article and speech contest in mataram


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